LML Malta

The nation of Malta, a group of islands south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, has strongly embraced Let Me Learn principles and practices, serving in effect as a kind of laboratory for testing Let Me Learn’s effectiveness. Let Me Learn is a part of the national curriculum and part of the primary school preparation courses at the University of Malta. In addition, the University of Malta is the site for the European Unit, the central contact point for European-funded Let Me Learn activities.

The European Unit promotes the development of open and distance learning in connection with efforts across the continent. It also offers its services to corporations and industries that are interested in promoting learning in the workplace. Let Me Learn–Malta is a program within the Faculty of Education of the University of Malta. It promotes a novel way to connect teachers and learners with their learning processes and conducts regular staff development workshops for teachers.

Let Me Learn educators in Malta are exporting their knowledge, too. The Maltese staff has shared the wealth of its experiences with student teachers in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Albania.

Says one Let Me Learn Malta official: “We believe in a foreseeable future in which learners are equipped to manage their learning and realize their potential without mental barriers which hinder their development.”

Visit Let Me Learn–Malta and learn more about Let Me Learn and the National Minimum Curriculum.

We also have available the latest edition of LML Malta’s periodical Netwerk.

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