Intention in Action: Let Me Learn at Alvin College

by Christine A. Johnston, Ed.D.

The word intention and its descriptive form, intentional, are headliners in today’s educational literature. They herald that something good is purposely, intentionally, being made to happen by an organization for the benefit of those whom the organization is seeking to serve.

Alvin Community College (ACC), a two-year, publicly-supported college near Houston, TX,  is an excellent example of intention in action at the community college level.

“Most of the strategies for helping students deal with theory but stop short of laying out how to implement what has been learned. Let Me Learn assists you in implementing the change you are seeking.”
Joel Garcia, Math Success Center Coordinator,  at Alvin College, Alvin TX

Alvin’s Hispanic-Serving Institutions – Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics  and Articulation Programs found that its students were hampered by weak math skills. This required remediation in the College’s two Basic Math courses, which in turn affected student persistence in ACC’s key STEM program. To address this problem, ACC acted with intention rectify the situation!

  1. The team applied for and was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education under the title  “Engaging Students: The Path to STEM Success.”  
  2. They next chose two programs (ModMath and Persist) as their primary means of  addressing their students’ needs and monitored the effects of both intervention.
  3. They recently added the LML Process® to their array of interventions because, as the grant Project Manager, Lilly Garcia explained, “What stood out for us as a team about the LML Process® was not only the metacognitive awareness to be gained by students, but the facet of intentionality in using one’s Learning Pattern combinations.  As our Persist and ModMath teams have begun to delve into the content, they (we) are experiencing so many “ah-ha” moments.”

Clearly the HSI STEM team at Alvin has acted with intention! “Our hope is that LML will be a tool that our most at-risk students can leverage for a breakthrough in math. We are going to begin piloting LML via the Persist Summer Bridge this July and August. Our big roll-out will be in the Fall, when we will introduce the students in the ModMath pilot courses to the LML system.”

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