LML LinkedIn Post: Finding Your Way

Sep 12, 2022

A Thought-Provoking Read for Your Next Book Club Selection

Looking for a book selection certain to engage your club members and generate stimulating discussion? Here’s your chance:  “Finding Your Way: Navigating Your Future by Understanding Your Learning Self” is a thought-provoking book based on the premise that when you take control of your learning, you are taking control of your future! After all, learning defines who we are and how we behave; it defines how others perceive us and interact with us; it develops our capacity and molds our future. When we know how we learn, we can use our minds with intention to be proactive in selecting a fulfilling career, and in navigating the work world of the 21st century. “Finding Your Way: Navigating Your Future by Understanding Your Learning Self equips individuals to successfully meet the learning challenges experienced in the workplace, in the classroom and elsewhere. Most importantly it prepares us to respond to these changes using personal learning tools to enhance our problem-solving skills. A key feature of the book is the self-report instrument, the Learning Connections Inventory, which is embedded in the text for use by the reader.  So, if want to want your book club members to discuss the most fascinating topic on the planet (i.e., themselves), be sure to make this your next book selection available on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Your-Way-Navigating-Understanding/dp/1456311077