The Let Me Learn Process

We equip children with the tools they need to succeed in unlocking their potential to learn more effectively and efficiently. We do this by teaching students to use the Let Me Learn Process®, an Advanced Learning System which consists of four tools and four skills.

The Tools the Learner is Taught to Use

  • The First Tool is the Learning Connections Inventory (LCR©2007), a nationally and internationally validated instrument that measures the degree to which learners use each of four interactive learning processes.
  • The Second Tool is the Personal Learning Profile, a description of the learner that helps others understand the learner: parents, teachers, peers, team members, and employers.
  • The Third Tool is the Word Wall, a set of words developed for various subject matters and/or professional/work tasks which cue the learner into which Learning Patterns are required to complete the classroom or work task effectively and successfully.
  • The Fourth Tool is the Strategy Card which guides the learner through the development of strategies which help the learner become successful by matching his/her Learning Processes to the task at hand.

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The Skills the Learner is Taught to Use

  • Understanding their individualized combination of Learning Processes so that they can use them with intention;
  • Decoding tasks in order to plan strategies to complete the task successfully
  • FITing (Forging, Intensifying, and Tethering) their Learning Patterns in order to take control of their Learning Processes.
  • Metacognition (The Metacognitive Drill) to listen and respond to the internal talk of their Learning Processes.

The Difference

The Let Me Learn Process® uses the Learning Connections Inventory to reveal the learner’s interactive Learning Processes and then invites the learner to use these processes with intention by developing a use of Personalized Learning Tools and Personalized Learning Skills. This is what makes the Let Me Learn Process a truly advanced learning system. Those who “measure” personality, multiple intelligences, or learning styles leave the learner unequipped and unfulfilled.

The Let Me Learn Process Gets Results

Individuals as well as educational and business organizations that use this system report an increase in student achievement and employee performance as well as a heightened sense of confidence and persistence to achieve.

This happens because Let Me Learn helps students, faculty, and staff understand how they can make their Learning Processes work successfully. Let Me Learn helps them become self-directed learners who solve problems and take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

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