About Let Me Learn

How Do We Learn?

The Let Me Learn Process® is based on The Interactive Theory of Learning

The LML Interactive Theory of Learning


  • receives information called stimuli through our five senses. 


  • processes the stimuli and routes it through an interface consisting of 4 filters to our mind.
Brain Mind Connection Diagram

Understanding Learning

These filters are named for the work they do:

Sequence brings order to your life.

Precision brings information to your life.

Technical Reasoning brings problem-solving to your life

Confluence brings change and new chances to your life.

Brain Mind Connection Diagram

Each Filter is comprised of 3 mental operations: Our thoughts (cognition), Our actions(conation), and Our feelings (affectation).

It is the interaction of these mental operations within each filter that forms the basis of our personal motivation and grit.

Brain Mind Connection Diagram

Understanding Learning

The total number of stimuli that pass from our brain to our mind is based on the degree to which each of our four Learning filters is open, partially open, partially closed, or closed to them.

Brain Mind Connection Diagram

Celebrating Learning

At LML we believe that

  • All individuals learn.
  • All individuals learn differently because their Learning Processes affect how they take in the world around them and make sense of it.
  • No learner has weak, broken, or insufficient Learning Processes.
  • Every combination of Learning Processes can work for the learner if the learner knows how to use them with intention.

At LML we focus on

  • Helping individuals understand their Learning Processes and how to use them with intention to succeed!
Brain Mind Connection Diagram

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