About Let Me Learn

How Let Me Learn Began

In the early 1990s, Dr. Christine Johnston of Rowan University, working with a cadre of educational researchers, launched a series of studies that explored the single most important question in the field of education: “How do we learn?” The original study led to twenty-five years of exploring how to identify, understand, and empower learners in K‐12 schools, community colleges, university settings, professional schools, and business and industrial learning settings to succeed as learners. The result of this work was the establishment of a non-profit organization named Let Me Learn, a true a learning community, whose services seek to provide an answer to that most basic question, “How do we learn?”

The Vision of Let Me Learn, Inc.
“We provide a window to the mind at work.”

The Mission of Let Me Learn
The Mission of LML is to awaken a sense of value and purpose in all learners. We give joy to those who strive and hope to those who struggle.

What We Do
We provide powerful, practical resources to help learners achieve their life-long learning goals through:

  • Online synchronous and asynchronous courses on how to develop your self-awareness as a learner based on LML’s Advanced Learning System;
  • The use of a technology-driven web-based Personal Learning Coach that puts a guide to you as a learner at your fingertips;
  • Specially designed In-person and virtual workshops; and
  • A variety of online and print-based resource materials.

Let Me Learn’s Advanced Learning System is based on:

Almost 30 years later, Let Me Learn Process® is having a daily impact on close to one million children, adolescents, and adults throughout the United States, Europe, the Mediterranean Rim, South America, and Southeast Asia.