The Purpose of the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI)

To measure the degree to which you use your Learning Patterns, you start with the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI), a 28 item self-report instrument.

This inventory is really an interview with yourself. This is NOT a test. It is a way to learn more about who you are.

It is the use of the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI) which has provided a learner-specific focal point for teachers to talk to students about their learning. The written responses found in Part II of the LCI give “voice,” a place to begin dialogue between learner and teacher. This is the place where students and teachers have been able to establish mutual understanding and respect – to hear their joint or individual concerns and struggles – to separate them from issues of personality and misperceptions of lack of motivation to learn.

Here is a place to start within a comfort zone of the learner and to move into more challenging assignments with a new confidence and awareness of how to attack the challenges of learning in a manner which creates Awareness, Insight, Understanding, and Change.