The benefits of using the Let Me Learn Process® have had a positive impact on nearly a million people who have used this Advanced Learning System. Our research, conducted over a period of more than twenty years, has resulted in the development of unique learning tools and skills that have proven to make a difference for learners.

Because the Let Me Learn Process® is continually tested in the real world of classrooms, training environments, and corporate settings, we can state with confidence that the process is effective in helping children and adults take control of their learning processes and adapt them to meet learning expectations.

Benefits for Parents

Let Me Learn helps parents understand both themselves and their children as they guide them in their formative years. Learn More.

Benefits for Educators

Let Me Learn helps teachers at all levels more effectively reach students in the classroom.
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Benefits for Students

Let Me Learn helps students find their voice regardless of where they are in their education.
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Benefits for TRiO Programs

Let Me Learn helps TRiO programs achieve the most for the students and staff they serve.
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