Benefits for Educators

Engage Your Students

Understanding how each student learns creates a connection that transcends the challenge of distance learning. Your mutual understanding of each other as student and teacher fosters a mindset for learning and support for each student’s social and emotional learning. Learn More

Increase Professional Performance

The single, core issue that makes both you and your students successful is understanding how you learn. When you understand this one fundamental truth, then all the rest falls into place. When you can teach your students how they learn, you’ve created a true learning environment. Gone are the misperceptions about each other. Learn More

Increase Student Performance on High-Stakes Tests

State tests are among the highest stressors for students and teachers. Let Me Learn has spent 20 years developing and refining our patented and trademarked Advanced Learning System, the Let Me Learn Process®. You can learn how to de‐stress test‐taking by harnessing the power of the Let Me Learn Process®. Learn More