Improve Classroom Management by Increasing Student Engagement in Learning

Creating a culture of learning is the first step to practical classroom management. You can’t teach if you can’t manage the classroom: the talk, the acting-out, the noise, and the disruptions. Your students can’t learn if your concentration and focus is constantly bombarded by uncooperative or disruptive students. Building a classroom environment where teaching and learning are valued and where the students and teachers are respected is essential. Providing your students with the mindset for learning begins by identifying and supporting their approach to learning.

Our Personal Learning Coach can help you succeed in the classroom. The Personal Learning Coach is a web-based app that helps your students develop their own personal learning strategies to successfully complete any assignment or project.  They can use it on a smart phone, computer, or tablet. No matter where they use it, they can have the power of personalized learning right at their fingertips.

That same app helps you, the teacher, understand your own mindset, prepare for differentiating your instruction, and develop learning strategies to guide your students to achieve academic success.

But there is another aspect to creating an effective learning environment. This second approach is one where students know how to work well together, i.e., listen to one another, and learn from one another.  In this environment the students know how each other learns, values what each student brings to the group, and communicates what he or she needs from the group. This approach minimizes competition while creating collaboration through team work.

Here, again, LML’s Personal Learning Coach helps you create balanced groups or teams and allows you to see team graphs and build a set of team strategies all for the purpose of creating a more supportive and productive classroom environment.

Another option, if you are a professional who likes to gain knowledge through reading and application, is Intentional Teaching: Let Me Learn in the Classroom. This reader-friendly text serves as a month-by-month guide to teaching your students the benefits of cooperative learning, the use of their metacognitive skills, and the development of their higher order thinking skills, while it guides you in doing instructional scaffolding, differentiated instruction, and the expansion of your students’ and your own mindset.

If you prefer more direct contact and interaction, take advantage of one of our on-site workshops, live online workshops, or our on-site faculty mentoring programs.

If you want to listen, read, and observe at a time convenient to your life, then you can sign up for a webinar on any number of the topics listed above or download and watch a podcast of the instructional program.

If you are a self-starter, trend setter, or adventurous individual you may dive in to the whole of the Let Me Learn Process® and complete the Educational Specialist six-month certification program.

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