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You have chosen an honorable profession. You have sought to educate young minds and face all the challenges that go with that mission. Some days are more successful than others.

And the educational landscape continues to change. It seems every few years, there is a new buzz word or fad in education that bogs you down as your school shifts its focus. Words like Mind-set, Metacognition, Common Core, Higher-Order Thinking Skills, Differentiated Instruction, Cooperative learning, Instructional scaffolding, Student Growth Objectives, Text Complexity, etc. become a litany of new requirements piled on to your curricular plate.

There is one core issue that transcends all fads. And this issue will keep both you and your students successful is understanding how you each learn. When you understand that one fundamental truth about yourself, then all of the rest falls into place. When you can teach your students how they learn, now you’ve created a true learning environment where you and your students have a common vocabulary to use when talking about learning. Gone are the misperceptions about each other.

Let Me Learn has been working for 20 years on teaching teachers and students about how they learn. We do this through our trademarked, patented Advanced Learning System called the Let Me Learn Process®. We have a cornucopia of ways to help you make that measurable difference in the classroom.

The latest technology is the Personal Learning Coach—a web-based app that puts the power of personalized learning at your fingertips. It is a unique technology that helps you understand your own mindset, prepare for differentiating your instruction, and develop learning strategies to guide your students in achieving their Student Growth Objectives.

Another option, if you are a professional who likes to gain knowledge through reading and application is Intentional Teaching: Let Me Learn in the Classroom. This reader-friendly text serves as a month-by-month guide to teaching students the benefits of cooperative learning, the use of their metacognitive skills, and the development of their higher order thinking skills, while it guides you in doing instructional scaffolding, differentiated instruction, and the expansion of your students’ and your own mindset.

You can bring LML to your classroom through our skills books as well. Becoming a Learning Detective (for grades 2-5), introduces the Let Me Learn Process® to your students and helps them understand how they learn. Math All Around Us (grades 5-8), sponsored by the DuPont Corporation, can help your students tackle the most common issues on tests or math word problems. When DuPont was looking for help with their math kits, they reached out to us because of our unique understanding of learning.

Yes I Can…Meeting Test-Taking Challenges (grades 6-12) works through the most common test questions on state standardized tests. Working through the workbook, you and your students together can develop personalized strategies to successfully overcome testing traps.  Our Career Explorer is a great skillsbook that teaches your students about patterns in jobs and careers. It helps them explore careers with a self-awareness of themselves as learners.

If you prefer more direct contact and interaction, take advantage of one of our on-site workshops, live online workshops, or our on-site faculty mentoring programs.

If you want to listen, read, and observe at a time convenient to your life, then you can sign up for a webinar on any number of the topics listed above or download and watch a podcast of the instructional program.

If you are a self-starter, trend setter, or adventurous individual you may dive in to the whole of the Let Me Learn Process® and complete the Educational Specialist six-month certification program.

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