Benefits for Families

Find Ways to Better Understand and Communicate with My Child

Are you constantly asking yourself, “Why are my children so different from each other—and more importantly from me?” Are you finding yourself challenged in understanding your child? Do you struggle with your child, who doesn’t want directions, hates being corrected, avoids taking a risk, or seems anti-social? Learn More

Prepare My Child for Success on Standardized Tests

Tests are designed to demonstrate what you know. And the state tests can be stressful for students. But Let Me Learn has a solution for that. We can help you convert your child’s stress into your child’s strength. Learn More

Increase My Child’s Success Within the Family Setting and Lower Stress in the Family

Since learning is central to who each person is, understanding how each family member learns can result in a healthier family dynamic. Learn More

Provide Homeschooling that Makes a Measurable Difference

You have chosen to educate your child at home because traditional school lacks something that you can provide—personalized guidance of your child’s education. Now imagine another gift you can give your child: the gift of knowing how he or she learns. Learn More

Increase My Child’s Academic Success in School

The fact is, EVERYONE CAN LEARN. Even though everyone learns differently, EVERYONE CAN LEARN. All are born with the potential to learn, but we are rarely taught how to develop that potential. Instead, we are taught as if our potential can be nurtured and developed in a one‐size‐fits‐all manner leaving little awareness or appreciation of our differences. Learn More

Increase My Child’s Potential for College Success

You can back their bags. You can call them every week. But you can’t write their papers, meet with their advisers, or accompany them to classes. They are on their own. And that can be a little daunting, but Let Me Learn can help ease that stress. Learn More