Benefits for Parents

Find Ways to Better Understand and Communicate with My Child

Are you constantly asking yourself, “Why are my children so different from each other—and more importantly from me? Why can’t I understand what’s going on inside them? I don’t understand why one child doesn’t want directions, and makes fun of my lists, while the other wants a plan and a reason why for everything I ask him to do?”

For almost 30 years, Let Me Learn has been helping parents better understand their children. First, we start with you— the parent. When you understand how you learn, the world just becomes a different place. Your self‐awareness to your Learning Processes allows you to see your children differently. Understanding how your child’s mind operates takes the mystery out of their behavior toward you.

To get started, you could read our Let Me Learn BASICS brochure. It gives a simple, brief explanation of the Let Me Learn Process® and how Learning Processes affect everything you do—because they are an integral part of who you are.

If you want to take it a step further, we suggest picking up a copy of Finding Your Way.