Benefits for Parents

Increase My Child’s Academic Success in School

When you’re shopping for school supplies, do you pick up anything that teaches your child about how they learn? Pencils, erasers, pens, calculators, paper, and binders are all tools for school. But what about the tools for learning?

Here is where you can intervene and advocate in a healthy, parental manner for your child. At the same time, in the process, you can help your child succeed academically.

We can help your child understand learning in a school setting. We can help you, the parent, understand your child’s teachers and the school environment in order to effectively coach and support the development of your child’s learning. We can help you relate to your child as a learner. And we can help you build your family as a healthy learning community.

Where to Start

We strongly recommend you start with our on‐line course “The Learner in Me as Parent—Understood and Self‐Aware.” This course goes step by step:

  • guiding you to learn about yourself as a learner;
  • guiding you to talk with your child about how he or she learns;
  • comparing the similarities and differences between you and your child as learners; and
  • learning how to use the Personal Learning Coach.

The Personal Learning Coach is a value‐added web‐based instrument that helps your child develop his or her own personal learning strategies. It helps in two ways:

  1. It guides your child in developing his or her own personal learning strategies to tackle papers, projects, tests, or assignments which are particularly challenging.
  2. It frames a learning profile that you and your child can use when meeting with his or her teacher/instructor, counselor/adviser, or outside organizational leaders such as 4‐H, girl scouts, boy scouts, and others. The Personal Learning Profile explains how your child’s mind works and helps him or her explain that process in his or her own words.

You can use the Personal Learning Coach on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. No matter where you use it, you have the power of personalized learning right at your fingertips.

Our skills books cover a few topics. Becoming a Learning Detective (grades 3-5) introduces the Let Me Learn Process® to you and helps you understand how you learn. Math All Around Us (grades 5-8), Yes I Can…Meeting Test-Taking Challenges (grades 6-12), and our Career Explorer (grades 6-12) are books that focus on the subject in the title. Except we take that knowledge of how you learn and help you harness that knowledge into real power—the power to succeed.