Benefits for Parents

Prepare My Child for Success on Standardized Tests

Even with lots of preparation in and outside of the classroom, a good night’s sleep, and a nutritious breakfast, test-taking is a stressor for students. And as parent, it causes you stress as well.

Fortunately, Let Me Learn can help. We know how you learn. And we can show you and your child through our Personal Learning Coach app that it can help reduce the test anxiety through personalized test‐taking strategies.

Our Personal Learning Coach is a web‐based app that helps your child develop his or her own personal learning strategies to tackle state tests or college prep exams. Your child can take any test prep material they have, plug in a sample problem, and the Personal Learning Coach generates personalized strategies for every problem you feed it.

An action you can take to help your child is to subscribe to LML’s Personal Learning Coach. The Personal Learning Coach is a web‐based app that helps in two ways:

  1. 1. It guides your child in developing his or her own personal learning strategies to tackle those tough assignments or projects.
  2. It frames a learning profile that you and your child can use when meeting with his or her teacher/instructor, counselor/adviser, or tutor. The Personal Learning Profile explains how your child’s mind works and helps him or her explain that process in his or her own words.

You can use the Personal Learning Coach on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. No matter where you use it, you have the power of personalized learning right at your fingertips.

Either of our skills books, Yes I Can…Meeting Test‐Taking Challenges (grades 6‐12) or Math All Around Us (grades 5‐8) can help students prepare. Both are excellent resources to help them develop strategies and practice tackling those state test or SAT/ACT or even GRE tests.

Most importantly, both of these solutions are available to parents, first in the form of personalized test‐taking strategies generated from the app‘s bank of test‐taking strategies, and secondly as presented in the Yes I Can. Meeting Test‐taking Challenges Facilitator Guide. The key to the success of these solutions lies in the personalization of the strategies to the individual learner and to the guidance they provide parents in differentiating test‐taking skills for each learner.