Prepare My Child for Success on Standardized Tests

Even with lots of preparation in and outside of the classroom, a good nights sleeps, and a nutritious breakfast, test-taking is a stressor for students. And as apparent, it causes you stress as well.

Fortunately, Let Me Learn can help. We know how you learn. And we can show you and your child through our Personal Learning Coach app as well our skills books. With Let Me Learn, you can help reduce the test anxiety through personalized test-taking strategies.

Yes I Can… Meeting Test-Taking Challenges is our skills book for students in 6-12 grade. It helps your child learn how to navigate standardized test questions. Your child will be able to “decode” the problem. By knowing what learning patterns are required, your child will know how best to respond. Your child can use these techniques on any problem set in any test-prep book.

For math test preparation specifically, pick up a copy of Math All Around Us (for grades 5-8), sponsored by the DuPont Corporation. This skills book can help your child tackle the most common issues on tests or math homework.

Our Personal Learning Coach is a web-based app that helps students develop their own personal learning strategies to tackle those state test or even college prep exams. Your child can use it on a smart phone or a computer or tablet. After taking the Learning Connections Inventory and building a learning profile, your child can enter in any problem from any test prep book, materials, or school test prep resources, and the Personal Learning Coach generates personalized learning strategies.

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