Provide Home Schooling That Makes a Measurable Difference

You have chosen to educate your child at home because traditional school lacks something that you can provide—real wholesome guidance in your child’s education. Now imagine another gift you can give your child: the gift of knowing how to learn.

What we can help you teach your child is a life-long skill. We can help you teach your child how to learn. You think it can’t be done? Well it can, because we have a 20-year track record of making a measurable difference with over 400,000 students so far. And we have that track record because we know how you learn.

Where to Start to Find Home Schooling Success?

You could start in many places. If your child is tech savvy, have him or her use the Personal Learning Coach. Our Personal Learning Coach is a web-based app that helps your child develop his or her own personal learning strategies to tackle assignments or projects. You child can use it on a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, or your computer at home.

Our skills books cover a few topics. Becoming a Learning Detective (grades 3-5) introduces the Let Me Learn Process® to you and helps you understand how you learn. Math All Around Us (grades 5-8), Yes I Can…Meeting Test-Taking Challenges (grades 6-12), and our Career Explorer (grades 6-12) are books that focus on the subject in the title. Except we take that knowledge of how you learn and help you harness that knowledge into real power—the power to succeed.

And for those who want to really dive deep into the power of the Let Me Learn Process®, we will be offering webinars and webcasts. The webcasts are great since they are designed to be brief (more more than 5 minutes) and packed with information and you can view them on your own time. Our live on-line webinars are great too, because they give you a chance to interact in real time and ask questions throughout the 90-minute session. These are two great resources that can help you get yourself and your family into a better place.

We offer on-line tutoring if your child needs additional help utilizing those personal learning strategies.The “Five Keys to Unlocking Success” is offered as five separate webinars, but is intended to be a complete program.

Key 1: “Unlocking the Will to Learn: the Key to It All”

  • Take our on-line instrument, the Learning Connections Inventory
  • We interpret the results and explain the meaning behind your scores
  • You and three family members can take the Learning Connections Inventory

Key 2: “Understanding yourself and how to communicate it in key situations”

  • Develop your own personal learning profile
  • Learn how to use this at home, at school, and at work

Key 3: “Understanding the task so you can meet key expectations”

  • Learn how to decode tasks to better FIT your learning profile.
  • Learn how to use this at home, at school, and at work

Key 4: “Understanding how to work with others is the key to success”

  • Learn how to use your awareness of yourself and others to result in better teamwork
  • Learn how to use this at home, at school, work, and sports

Key 5: “Understanding how to change and adapt at key points in life”

  • Develop your personal strategy card
  • Learn how to use this at home, at school, and at work

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