Increase Academic Performance on Standardized Tests or Reduce Anxiety for Standardized Tests

Tests are designed to demonstrate what you know. And the state tests can be stressful for students.

But Let Me Learn has a solution for that. We can help you convert your stress into your strength. We have proven strategies that you can personalize and practice to achieve higher scores and gain greater self-confidence.

Let Me Learn’s Personal Learning Coach is a web-based app that helps you develop your own personal learning strategies to tackle state tests or even college prep exams. You can use it on your smart phone as well as on your computer. You can take any test prep material you have, plug in a sample problem, and the Personal Learning Coach generates personalized strategies for every problem you feed it.

If you need more practice, pick up a copy of either of our skills books, Yes I Can… Meeting Test-Taking Challenges (grades 6-12) or Math All Around Us (grades 5-8). Both are excellent resources to help you develop strategies and practice to tackle state tests or SAT or even GRE questions.

If you want one-on-one attention, you or your parents can schedule sessions with our on-line tutors. They are certified in the Let Me Learn Process® and have experience helping students succeed.

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