Benefits For TRiO Programs

Our Commitment to TRiO

We have devoted quality time attending—and participating in—TRiO conferences, talking to project directors, listening to TRiO staff, and learning how you make a difference. Equally important, we understand the challenges you face. With that same purpose of service, Let Me Learn understands, leverages, and empowers individuals—like TRiO students—awakening in them a sense of value and purpose, giving joy to those who strive, and stirring hope in those who struggle. We offer an opportunity to help students complete high school graduation, enroll in college, and to not only persist but also succeed in higher education. When they understand how they learn, they are empowered to connect and belong.

What Sets Let Me Learn Apart from the Rest?

Watch this video to find out why a growing number of TRiO programs across the United States are using the Let Me Learn Process® to help their students become more confident and successful learners.

TRiO Programs Using the Let Me Learn Process®

  • Cumberland County College, EOF
  • Georgia State University, Upward Bound
  • Houston Community College, Upward Bound
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Student Support Services
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Student Support Services
  • Western Kentucky University, Student Support Services
  • Student Support Programs Using the Let Me Learn Process®
  • Alvin Community College (Hispanic Serving Institution), Math Success Center
  • University of South Florida, College of Pharmacy Student Support
  • West Texas A&M University, TX, Housing and Residential Life

How Do We Make a Difference?

We offer virtual, online courses and professional development for:

  • Students
  • Tutors
  • Instructors
  • Coaches/mentors

TRiO-Oriented Courses

The Learner in Me as a College Student – Understood and Self-aware!

Tutor Training:
You as an Effective Tutor!

The Learner in Me as Instructor – Empowered to Connect to My Students!

Contact Us

For info on how Let Me Learn can help you more effectively meet your TRiO program goals, call us today at 856-553-6281 or directly email our Executive Director, Joel Johnston, to schedule a time to talk.