We do more than empower people to learn:

  • We prepare them to leverage their learning awareness.
  • We groom them to demonstrate their learning skills.
  • We match their learning to their dreams for fulfilling employment.

Where are you on your employment journey?

How Let Me Learn Can Work for You

Review this 60-second video to understand why the awareness of how you learn makes a difference in your search for, applying to, or securing a job.

Learning Empowers

When you understand how you take in the world around you and learn, you increase your ability to take charge of your future.

  • You’re in control of your thoughts, actions, and emotions.
  • You’re in command of your work behaviors.
  • You’re confident in your ability to achieve your career goals.

Employment is essential to taking charge of your future

Getting meaningful employment depends on

  • your skills,
  • your knowledge,
  • your experience, and
  • your sense of the best career match for you.

Time to Find that New Beginning

Furloughed? Unemployed? Need a Career Change? Then it’s time to find a new job. Meaningful employment involves thoughtful career selection and thorough preparation for success.

  1. You prepare yourself to adjust and adapt to the demands of learning a new job
  2. You compete for a job—using strategies to find the right job or right career path and setting yourself apart from other candidates.
  3. You succeed in your career when you utilize strategies to stand out as an employee

Welcome to the Working World!

Recent graduate? First-time employee? Just entering the workforce? Then welcome to the world of work. Securing your first job involves thorough preparation for success.

  1. Preparing yourself to learn the demands of a job
  2. Competing in all aspects of the employment process.
  3. Succeeding in your job through unique strategies.

Who is Let Me Learn?

Let Me Learn is a non-profit organization that has 25 years of experience working with over 750,000 individuals on four continents.

Those Who Have Benefitted from the Let Me Learn Process®

Displaced Workers

New Job Seekers

Returning Veterans

Corporations and Organizations Who Have Used the Let Me Learn Process®