Let Me Learn Launches Online Tutoring Program

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This school year, Let Me Learn has launched its online tutoring program. As an added endorsement, the state of New Jersey’s Department of Education has also approved LML to be an Supplemental Education Services (SES) provider. The SES program is federally funded through Title I and provides free tutoring to students who are on free or reduced lunch and attend schools that are designated “in need of improvement.”

Let Me Learn’s tutoring program is focused on literacy is aimed at students in grades 3-8. The tutoring sessions are focused on the state’s reading and writing curriculum, but students will be able to take the skills they learn and apply it to all classes.

In order to be selected, LML submitted an application to the New Jersey Department of Education that demonstrated its compatibility with the newly revised New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. For example, students in grades 3-5 are expected to be able to find the key ideas and details in a text; LML allows students to connect faster to the text and connect with what is being read. On May 11, just two months after submitting its application, Let Me Learn received certification to offer the SES tutoring program.

About the Sessions

Each student will have about twelve 90-minute sessions (at the rate of $45 per hour) with their tutor, a New Jersey certified teacher who has been certified to use the LML Process®. The student-to-tutor ratio will range from 1-to-1 to 3-to-1, depending on the age and needs of the student. The sessions will be conducted via the cutting-edge Face2Face (F2F) interactive online program, which can be accessed from both school and home. F2F allows for PowerPoints as well as real time composing and editing of the student’s work.

Over the first five sessions, the LML tutor will help the student become familiar with how his or her learning processes work and how to develop strategies for meeting expectations on assignments. In sessions six through twelve, the tutor will provide guidance and practice in decoding assignments, developing strategies, and preparing for both teacher-made and standardized tests.

“Our online program allows LML to serve even just one child in a district–somethings not offered by other providers,” said Executive Director, Joel Johnston. “In comparison to other companies that charge $65 or as much as $85 per hour for one-on-one tutoring, Let Me Learn offers a unique approach to education, transferable skills (both in and out of the classroom), superior technology, and all at a level that everyone can afford.”

Learn more about the online tutoring program. If you feel that your student would benefit from LML tutoring, sign up online today!

Become a LML Tutor

To become a tutor, teachers must first complete the Let Me Learn Tutoring Specialist Certification Program™, which consists of both on-site and online sessions designed to help them fully understand the LML Process® so they can be most effective with their future students. Learn more about becoming a tutor.

Questions about the tutoring program or interested in becoming a tutor? Please contact Joel Johnston at (856) 553-6281 or joel@letmelearn.org.

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