LML Certified as a Supplemental Education Services Tutoring Organization

New Jersey

GLASSBORO, NJ (May 17, 2011) – Glassboro-based non-profit Let Me Learn, Inc. (LML) has been selected by the New Jersey Department of Education to be one of the educational organizations that may offer tutoring services to at-risk New Jersey students through the federally funded Supplemental Education Services (SES) program. The certification of LML came on May 11, 2011, two months after the organization had submitted an application to the Education Department that demonstrated the compatibility of its approach with the newly revised New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Joel Johnston, executive director of Let Me Learn, expressed satisfaction that the organization’s value as an academic coaching provider had been recognized. “This is a nice affirmation of our effort,” Johnston said. “Most important, it gives us an opportunity to work directly with students who can benefit the most from the Let Me Learn Process®, an Advanced Learning System that helps individuals to understand how they learn and thereby to take greater control of their learning.”

In the lexicon of Let Me Learn, Johnston notes, this self-understanding and empowerment is called “learning with intention.” Rather than being a theory of “learning styles,” the LML approach is based on rigorous, quantifiable, repeatable scientific research.

LML will offer online tutoring for SES-eligible students in grades 3 through 8 in Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Ocean, Cape May, and Atlantic Counties. Students whose parents choose LML as their tutoring provider will be able to use the cutting-edge Face2Face (F2F) interactive online technology from either home or school. Let Me Learn tutors, New Jersey teachers who are certified in using the Let Me Learn Process®, will guide students through twelve 90-minute sessions. LML is licensed to work with students in the subject areas of reading and writing.

“The tutor will work not just as a tutor, but as a mentor,” Johnston says. “The goal is for students to become more and more confident in their abilities to read and write—across the curriculum. More broadly, the goal is to help them become more confident as learners because they understand better how they learn.”

The extension of LML into elementary and middle school tutoring is a logical step for the vibrant organization. Since its inception in 1994, LML has led a robust research agenda that has resulted in the development of unique learning tools and distinct learning skills that have made a difference for uncounted learners. LML personnel have worked with educators locally, nationally, and internationally to create desired educational results, and have continually tested the Let Me Learn Process® in classrooms as well as corporate settings.

Johnston looks forward to helping disadvantaged New Jersey youngsters on a one-on-one tutoring basis. “The process has proven to be effective in helping learners of all ages take control of their learning processes and adapt them to meet—and exceed—learning expectations,” he says. “Tutoring through the SES program will help us fulfill our mission: ‘Making a Difference, Each Day, All Year, One Learner at a Time.’”


About Let Me Learn: Let Me Learn, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Glassboro, New Jersey that promotes informed, intentional learning behaviors that consistently result in achieving desired outcomes. Through conferences, teacher training, online learning, a summer day camp, consulting, the creation of curriculum materials, and other activities, LML has made the Let Me Learn Process ® available to learners worldwide. LML has developed child-based learning innovations that move children from at-risk and barely surviving to proficient and thriving. Let Me Learn has a proven record in serving children and families. Used by more than 100,000 parents, children, and professionals, the LML Process ® has helped adults and children understand their learning behaviors and redirect their energies to achieve optimal results.

Joel Johnston
Executive Director, Let Me Learn, Inc.
(856) 553-6281

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