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The following letter was written by Corey McNeish’s mother, who had a chance to meet with Dr. Christine Johnston after she received information about Let Me Learn that Corey brought home.

The letter, reprinted below with Mrs. McNeish’s permission, demonstrates how a parent fully validated what Let Me Learn revealed about the learning challenges her son has faced and how the LML Process can help.

Dear Dr. Johnston,

A very much belated but heartfelt Thank You for meeting with me at Jim Bridger Middle School to discuss your research and Corey’s progress!!

The Let Me Learn information that I dug out of Corey’s backpack and looked at on-line has given me new insights into the learning process and how it works for Corey as an individual. For instance, I haven’t seen a whole lot of work product from Corey over the years and always only minimal written work produced-yet his test scores have always been very strong, so I know he is learning! It’s very confusing for a parent to know when to push and when to back off and let the student bear the responsibility for their academic success. It seems to me that your research is saying that different people have different paths to learning based on their individual learning styles, and this isn’t a bad thing, but something to be aware of so you can monitor your own self and understand your strengths and try to shore up your weak areas. Good for everyone to know, and start working on at a young age!

But most of all I wanted to tell you thank you for adding another piece to the puzzle of trying to understanding our son who has been variously labeled (Gifted, Asperger’s) and misunderstood since starting school. His high scores in Technical Reasoning explain a lot about who he really is. Now it’s up to us, his parents, to support, accept, and encourage him, and help him to learn new ways of learning when other patterns besides Technical Reasoning are needed!!

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