Let Me Learn Launches Innovative App to Revolutionize Personalized Learning

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Glassboro, New Jersey − 03/23/2016 − Now there’s an app for that. Taking control of educational assignments and tasks is just a click away with the Personal Learning Coach™ from Let Me Learn (LML). The web-based app, developed and tested over two years went live today. It guides users to create a Personal Learning Profile (which can be shared with others) and seamlessly facilitates completion of the Learning Connections Inventory©. More importantly, the Personal Learning Coach™ also breaks down (or decodes) assignments and tasks the user enters, and suggests strategies, based on the user’s Learning Patterns, to build his or her own Personal Strategy Card.

As a web-based app, users can access the Personal Learning Coach™ on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. There are no compatibility or upgrade issues.

The Personal Learning Coach™ vastly increases the utility and accessibility of the Let Me Learn Process®. “Starting today,” said Joel Johnston, Executive Director of Let Me Learn, “teachers and students can save time decoding and developing strategies on tasks and spend more of their time digging deeper into the subject matter.”

The Personal Learning Coach™ can be used by students in elementary grades, secondary school, and colleges and universities as well as their teachers or instructors. Teachers can enter their assignment into the Personal Learning Coach™ to see where they might want to change the terms they use so all learning patterns are represented in their assignments.

The Personal Learning Coach™ is a subscription-based app, costing only $4.95 per month. Subscribers can try the app for free for the first two weeks, by visiting www.personallearningcoach.com.

Let Me Learn, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has reached over 400,000 students in 75 K-12 schools in the U.S. and 25 colleges and universities on four continents, since 1994, through the Let Me Learn Process®, a trademarked advanced learning system. For over 20 years, students have demonstrated that when they use the Let Me Learn Process® they can perform better on state tests and can reduce their frustration in the classroom because they have a way to communicate with the teacher using a common vocabulary.