What Every School Administrator Should Know About LML

If you’re an administrator who has not heard about Let Me Learn before, here’s a short introduction that we hope will whet your appetite to find out why an increasing number of schools in the United States and abroad are getting involved and improving their learning communities.

1. Let Me Learn is a results-oriented Advanced Learning System.

Unlike general concepts such as learning styles and multiple intelligences, the Let Me Learn Process is predicated on brain-mind research that can provide your educators with very practical tools and strategies to help students take charge of their learning and to enhance their academic achievement.

2. Let Me Learn is appropriate for all students at any grade level.

Let Me Learn is based on universal aspects of learning that children, pre-teens, young adults-and their classroom teachers-can apply to virtually any content or subject area. In fact, we offer multi-faceted instructional strategies that can be particularly useful for teachers with struggling students.

3. Let Me Learn taps the power of differentiated instruction.

The Let Me Learn Process helps teachers work with their students to develop a personalized learning plan for each student so that he/she feels empowered to succeed both academically and socially.

4. Let Me Learn Professional Development is easy to schedule and cost-effective.

Let Me Learning workshops and courses are available at different times of the school year (and during the summer) at different locations-including on-site school training and off-site distance learning-so that you can schedule professional development when it is most convenient for you and your faculty.

5. You can find out directly from other school administrators how they implement the Let Me Learn Process in their school systems.

We can put you in touch with school administrators using Let Me Learn whose school profile resembles your own. In this way, you can discover for yourself whether or not this innovative professional development program is right for your school system.

For details, contact us at: info@letmelearn.org or call 856-553-6281.

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