Strategic Learning


This is the new updated student and faculty resource from Let Me Learn. If you are looking for a resource to introduce Let Me Learn to your higher education classroom, this publication is a MUST HAVE resource.

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This student and faculty resource introduces Let Me Learn to your higher education classroom, this publication is a MUST HAVE resource.

Table of Contents

Part I Understanding Yourself as a Learner
1. Preparing for Success
2. Discovering Your Combination of Learning Processes
3. Activity: Examining Your LCI Printout

Part II Understanding Your Learning Patterns
4. Exploring Your Learning Patterns
5. Reviewing Pattern Explanations
6. Gaining Insights into Your Patterns
7. Identifying Different Patterns Different Combinations
8. Activity: Developing a Personal Learning Profile and an LCI Interview Activity

Part III Understanding the Power of Your Learning Patterns
9. Understanding the Science behind the Let Me Learn Process
10. Exploring the Brain-mind Connection
11. Recognizing the Role of Mental Operations
12. Making a Hand Sandwich
13. Activity: Recognizing the Power of Learning Patterns in Others

Part IV Understanding a Key Tool of Learning
14. Learning the Power of Metacognating
15. Examining the Metacognitive Drill
16. Activity: Metacognition Your Way

Part V Connecting Your Learning Processes to Your Studies
17. Using the Word Wall
18. Learning to Decode
19. Following Steps to Insure Accurate Decoding
20. Activities: Practice Decoding and Practice Decoding a Course Assignment

Part VI Applying Your Learning Processes to Your Studies
21. FITting Your Patterns to the Task
22. Examining FIT Tools
23. Developing a Strategy Card
24. Developing Effective Strategies
25. Using Writing Strategies
26. Using Test Taking Strategies
27. Developing Personal Strategies as a Result of Working with a Team
28. Activities: Practicing Strategy Card Development and Preparing a Strategy Card for an Exam

Part VII Understanding the Power of Learning Teams
29. Using Team Work to Help You Develop Effective Strategies
30. Taking Inventory of Yourself as a Potential Team Player
31. Recognizing the Components of Responsible Team Membership
32. Taking Time to Become a Real Team
33. Activity: Tracking the Development of Learning Strategies