Meet the Personal Learning Coach from Let Me Learn

Introducing the Personal Learning Coach from Let Me Learn, a comprehensive tool created to empower individuals. The Personal Learning Coach provides services and direction on how to use your mind more effectively within any given learning setting. The Personal Learning Coach engages you in completing activities that provide vital information to inform, empower, and guide you in understanding yourself as a learner, family member, employee, and team member.

Personal Learning Coach Services and Support

Learning Connections Inventory (LCI):

The Learning Connections Inventory is a questionnaire used to measure the degree to which you use each of four Learning Patterns. Completing the LCI is the 1st step in beginning the Let Me Learn Process®.

Personal Learning Profile

The Personal Learning Profile provides an opportunity for you to build an amazingly accurate description of how you learn by selecting statements that describe how you think, act, and feel when learning.

Tap into Personal Strategies

The Personal Learning Coach increases your ability to accomplish a task or assignment by breaking it into small, understandable segments, and then generating strategies personalized to match your unique way of learning.

Team Building

Build a team through step-by-step activities guiding teams to thoughtfully, respectively, and productively work together based on how each team member learns, what each brings to the team, and what each needs from the team.

Career Match Support

Developing a prepared mind is the key to finding and keeping employment. This means knowing how you learn–how you specifically take in the world around you, how you make sense of what you encounter, and how you choose to respond in any situation.

For example, you learn how to:

  • Identify how you learn
  • Increase your ability to “learn-on-the-job”
  • Match how you learn to various types of employment and career paths
  • Maintain and improve your job status by knowing how to communicate and work effectively with others.


Put the power of the LML advanced learning system in the palm of
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Organizational License

Harness the power of the Let Me Learn Process® for your organization. Help your personnel become self-directed individuals who solve problems and take increasing responsibility for their contribution to the vision and mission of the organization or institution. Whether an educational institution or business organization use the Personal Learning Coach to make you a true “learning organization!”

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Annual Individual

Purchase a year-long subscription to the PLC and

  • learn more efficiently,
  • communicate more clearly,
  • work more effectively, and
  • succeed more consistentlyby using personalized strategies generated by the Personal Learning Coach.


This subscription auto-renews annually.


Annual Family

Learning is central to who each person is, so understanding how each family member learns can result in a healthier family dynamic. Find ways to better understand and communicate with your children while also giving them a tool to navigate academic challenges and turn their learning stress into strength. Use the Personal Learning Coach to learn about yourselves, your children, and how to create a healthier family dynamic.

This subscription is available for up to 5 family members and auto-renews annually.


Package Add-Ons for PLC Subscribers

Live Coaching for PLC Subscribers

Coaching is available but requires a subscription to the Personal Learning Coach.

What You Can Expect:
Coaching includes:

  • Session 1 (30 mins): Identifying your needs and determining your possibilities.
  • Session 2 (30 mins): Developing a plan (identifying the goals),
  • Session 3 (30 mins): Checking your progress,
  • Session 4 (30 mins): Utilizing strategies to achieve your desired outcome, and
  • Session 5 (30 mins): Reflecting on your growth.


  • Initial conversation (30 mins)
  • 2 coaching sessions (30 mins each)
  • 2 check-ins (30 mins each)

These sessions will be spread over time and match your needs based on your goals and use of the Personal Learning Coach. Includes 2.5 hours of customized coaching to maximize your success.


Additional Sessions for Purchase

Additional Coaching (30 minutes)

The individuals with whom you will work are degreed, certified practitioners of the Let Me Learn Process® who know the process and use it daily as individuals, family members, parents, teachers, learning specialists, and workplace leaders. They not only know the process, they live it!

$65.00 each

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