Higher Education Research

There is an abundance of research into the benefits of the Let Me Learn Process® in a higher education setting.

Click here for a list of academic papers that describe the effects of the Let Me Learn System on student achievement.

Click here for the list of Doctoral Dissertations on the Let Me Learn Process.

Here are other research articles on the effects of Let Me Learn System in Higher Education:

Developing Metacognitive Engineering Teams
Newell, Dahm, Harvey, and Newell

Let Me Learn®, un sistema de aprendizaje para toda la vida aplicado a la formación en TICs de profesores universitarios

Bridging Disciplines and Setting Up Diverse Teams: Effective teams based on differing learning connections can be set up in business and higher educational contexts, Marcellino

A Teambuilding Model for the Educational Leadership Classroom, Marcellino

The Effects of Innovative Teaching on Student Growth in Knowledge of Economics and the Intentional Use of Their Learning Processes, Kressler

Applying Learning Pattern Theory to Electronic Portfolio Development: Navigating On-going Programmatic Evaluation

Let Me Learn in-service training: A teacher’s experience, Calleja and Montebello

Vee Heuristics, Concept Mapping And Learning Patterns: Merging Metacognitive Tools And Learning Processes To Improve Facilitation Of Learning With Primary Children, Vanhear and Johnston

One size doesn’t fit all: Achieving accountability through application of learning patterns, Jorgensen

The Interactive Learning Model: Intentional Learning Fosters Cultural Change At Foothill College, Pearle