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It takes a look at how your learning patterns can affect your choice of professions. And how to use your patterns in making career choices.

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Developed with the Construction Industry Advancement Program of New Jersey, Career Explorer takes a look at how your learning patterns can affect your choice of professions. And how one can use one's knowledge of one's learning patterns to make career choices.

In addition to individual copies, ClassPacks are available to purchase for this title, which include 25 skills books and a facilitator's guide.

1. Exploring My Future: What in the World (of Work) Will I Do?
The things that interest you today may hold the key to the kind of work you will enjoy as an adult.

2. Learn About Learning: What Are YOUR Patterns
People learn in different ways. Understanding the learning patterns that come most naturally to us can help us be better learners, and also influence our career exploration.

3. “You See What You Built”: Engineer John LoCrasto, Jr.
As a youngster, he loved taking things apart and putting them together. Now, John LoCrasto, Jr., is an outstanding construction engineer.

4. “I Give Choices”: Math Teacher Nancy Nevarez
Math has always been a part of Nancy Nevarez’s life. As a high school math teacher, she helps students understand her subject according to their own natural learning patterns.

5. “I Collect Words”: Writer Richard Peck
Perhaps you have read novels by this very talented author of fiction for young adults. Richard Peck knows the power of words to influence and inspire us.

6. “We See Things in New Ways”: Banking Executive Connie Lindsey
Being an executive for a financial management company means that Connie Lindsey must have many skills—including the ability to lead a team to meet its goals.


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