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The Let Me Learn Process® is a versatile opportunity to take the mystery out of how a person learns. This process helps users develop a clear understanding of how they take in the world around them and make sense of it, providing personalized strategies to successfully meet different challenges. Parents, students, educators and workforce – it doesn’t matter who you are, Let Me Learn is for everyone!

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word For It…

“My name is Mary. My life has not always been easy, socially and academically, but taking the LCI and learning about Let Me Learn was a major thing that helped me become aware of the person I am inside. Let Me Learn helps me understand why I am so hard on myself and why others don’t participate or take notes the way I do. I also learned that I am very organized, pay attention to detail and like to use my hands. I believe that everyone should know their learning patterns because it makes a difference in learning.”

– Mary S. | Student

I wanted to tell you thank you for adding another piece to the puzzle of trying to understanding our son who has been variously labeled (Gifted, Asperger’s) and misunderstood since starting school. His high scores in Technical Reasoning explain a lot about who he really is. Now it’s up to us, his parents, to support, accept and encourage him, and help him to learn new ways of learning when other patterns besides Technical Reasoning are needed!

– Mrs. McNeish | Mother

Mrs. Danielle Senneca

Mary S.'s Teacher

Mary is a successful student, but Let Me Learn has made a huge difference in her confidence and anxiety. It has given her the explanations for how she learns the way she does and has enabled her with the vocabulary to be able to explain her learning self to the lucky teacher that will have her next year and the year after that.

Noreen C.

Plant Manager

The Let Me Learn Process® is key to retooling a labor force. Because I have personally experienced it’s benefits, I am convinced that the Let Me Learn Process® could be a powerful force in corporate America.



I don’t know what things would have looked like now if I hadn’t been introduced to Let Me Learn. The short time I spent learning about my Learning Patterns really helped turn around a lot of my thinking and the course of perhaps my academic career. 21st century people need an education but so often lack the tools to succeed. I believe LML is going to help many and is desperately important in times like these. Your research is so valuable and the program you’ve created is so helpful that I can’t help but be certain of its widespread use and successful results.

A Word

From Our Founders

We at Let Me Learn are learners – individual learners, parent learners, teacher-learners, worker-learners and leader-learners. We are caring, committed, and persistent. We believe that every person has the right to succeed in life, and we believe that success begins with understanding how to make sense of the world around you – in other words how to learn. We have experienced both learning failures and successes in our lives. We like success better. However our failures have taught us how to help people of all ages and stages achieve the greatest success possible as learners operating in a complex world. We have been helping people succeed for almost 30 years. We will help you too. “