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Make Sense of the World Around You with the Let Me Learn Process®

The Let Me Learn evidence-based system empowers individuals to explain how they learn, how they think, act, and feel when interacting with others. In other words, the LML Process® informs and equips individuals to relate, communicate, learn, and interact more effectively with family members, teachers, peers,fellow workers,
and team members.

Achieve Success in Every Aspect of Your Life with the Help of
Let Me Learn’s Personal Learning Coach

  • Learn more effectively.
  • Communicate more clearly.
  • Work more efficiently.
  • Succeed more consistently.

Introducing the LML Personal Learning Coach

Powered by the Let Me Learn Process®:

The Personal Learning Coach engages you in completing activities
that provide vital information to inform, empower, and guide you in understanding yourself as a learner, family member, employee,
and team member.

Explore Each Feature of the Personal Learning Coach

Learning Connections Inventory (LCI)

The Learning Connections Inventory is a questionnaire used to measure the degree to which you use each of four Learning Patterns. Completing the LCI is the 1st step beginning the Let Me Learn Process®.

Personal Learning Profile

The Personal Learning Profile provides an opportunity for you to build an amazingly accurate description of how you learn by selecting statements that describe how you think, act, and feel when learning.

Tap into Personal Strategies

The Personal Learning Coach increases your ability to accomplish a task or assignment by breaking it into small, understandable segments, and then generating strategies personalized to match your unique way of learning.

Team Building

Build a team through step-by-step activities guiding teams to thoughtfully, respectively, and productively work together based on how each team member learns, what each brings to the team, and what each needs from the team.

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LET ME LEARN: 25-year proven track record helping people of all ages unlock their learning potential!

25 Years

The Let Me Learn Process® is used effectively by mindful learners in the United States and around the world.

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