What We Do

What We Do

We equip individuals to succeed and achieve in school and work. We do this by teaching them the Let Me Learn Process®, an Advanced Learning System, which identifies how they learn and then shows them how to use their approach to learning efficiently and effectively.

The Difference

The Let Me Learn Process® uses the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI) to identify how an individual’s mind works. It then teaches individuals to use their minds more effectively within any given learning setting. This is what makes the Let Me Learn Process® a truly advanced learning system.

“Understanding how an individual learns gives educators a powerful tool to direct their teaching efforts to help students succeed.”

Originator and Lead Researcher
Let Me Learn
Dr. Christine Johnston

Let Me Learn Gets Results

Educational and business organizationsas well as individualsthat use this system report an increase in student achievement and employee performance as well as a heightened sense of confidence and persistence to achieve. Let Me Learn helps them become self-directed learners who solve problems and take increasing responsibility for their own learning.